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Our Caring Service Begins with Me.

STAR Service isn’t a program – it’s a culture supported by our commitment to provide patients, visitors, and fellow team members with superior service. The STAR Service Common Purpose of “Our Caring Service Begins with Me” reminds us that this is both a team and an individual commitment. STAR Service’s foundation is based on our existing culture of Safety First and is the next important step on our journey to become the nation’s safest health system and the preeminent healthcare provider in the mid-Atlantic region.

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Star Bursts

Mary Bowman, NP: Mary works in the ED. She cared for a patient who came in the ED because her husband was having a transplant, and this pt had missed her own pain management appointment in SC where they live. Mary called the Dr in SC, to verify that this pt was a pt under his care, as well as reviewed opiods that this patient was perscribed. Mary then called Dr Qutubuddin, PM&R medicine to ask if he would see this patient in his clinic the following Wednesday as a temp patient. Dr Q agreed, and was more than pleased with Mary's professionalism! Mary then perscribed enough medications that were needed until that appointment time. Mary is known in the Supportive Care Clinics for her complete and detailed follow through. I have had the great pleasure of working beside her in these clinics. She represents VCU with accountability, and just as importantly, with safety! Lynn Ryan, RN, BSN, Supportie Care Clinics Dalton Oncology Posted 09/27/2014
Jervatus Brooks Bell: On 9/16/14, the patient arrived for an appointment he did not realize had been cancelled the day before. The patient had taken off work to discuss a recent test and was frustrated that his appointment had been bumped again. Instead of just apologizing and explaining that schedule changes unfortunately happen at times, JB went above and beyond and had him scheduled for 9/22/14 in a time slot that others may not have seen. This gave the patient enough time to take off work and relieved his stress for the weekend, knowing he would be in on Monday. The patient stated that JB "restored his faith in humanity" by going above and beyond to provide caring service, to work with me to schedule the patient and to redevelop the patient's trust. Excellent work, JB! Posted 09/25/2014
Jessica Hale: Jessica was outstanding in assisting one of the Spine Center patients, who felt as if he didn't have any other options regarding an appointment. Way to go Jessica!! Posted 09/19/2014
Penny ONeill: For keeping the security of data under consideration while supporting a major upgrade project. Penny identified a potential risk in the methods used for authentication in the Responder 5 project and teamed up with the information security team to find an acceptable solution. Her efforts helped reduce the risk before the project was fully deployed. THANK YOU Penny for keeping Information Security in mind. Posted 09/03/2014
Cecelia Graham: On 9/3/14 the ACC Lower Level elevator was inoperable. I was on ACC 2 and discovered a group of patients who had been waiting a long time for the elevator to become available. The patients were taken to ACC 1 and two team members worked together to walk patients down a flight of stairs that led to the back of the MRI/CT suite. Approximately 8 patients began to arrive at the same time and some were at least 30 minutes late. When we arrived in the suite, Cecelia went right to work registering each patient and assuring them they would be seen. STAR BURST Cecelia! Posted 09/03/2014
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