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Our Caring Service Begins with Me.

STAR Service isn’t a program – it’s a culture supported by our commitment to provide patients, visitors, and fellow team members with superior service. The STAR Service Common Purpose of “Our Caring Service Begins with Me” reminds us that this is both a team and an individual commitment. STAR Service’s foundation is based on our existing culture of Safety First and is the next important step on our journey to become the nation’s safest health system and the preeminent healthcare provider in the mid-Atlantic region.

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Star Bursts

Jervatus BrooksBell: JB as she is known amazes me with her positive energy. As those of us that work with her everyday, know she is the GO TO person for any and every issue. She treats every person with the kindness and is willing to do anything for anyone. She recently assisted a patient in obtaining a pesticide treatment at their home. This is way above her duties as a supervisor for front line staff. She has worked in many departments in her tenure here and it is obvious she was valued by the reponse she gets when she is walking the hallways on her way to meetings. JB is the type of coworker everyone deserves to have and I am priviledged to have the honor. Thank you JB for your smile and your kindness. Posted 11/19/2014
Dr. Pablo Bedoya: From a patient: Dr. Bedoya was "absolutely phenomenal" and "in tune" to her needs. She explained that he could "always tell when [she] was getting upset and knew exactly how to handle the situation." She was so thankful that he "always asked what [she] though was going on [with her health] which made her feel empowered in their partnership." She states Dr. Bedoya's compassion made for a "dynamic moment that changed the relationship." By feeling "in control" she was able to "trust him and didn't second guess anything" he said. She appreciated his "really good bedside manner" and considered him to be "really exceptional, answering every question, even calling [her room] back directly even for something simple." Posted 11/13/2014
Brenda Shreve: I wish to thank is a nurse that treated me while I was on the floor. Her name is Brenda Shreve. She knew I was miserable, called for appropriate orders, and called for a doctor to see me. She did everything within her power to make it happen, but she never gave up. She treated me with respect, was courteous, and truly cared for my well being. I am very appreciative. I feel credit needs to be given to those who have gone above and beyond to try to make things right. Posted 11/13/2014
Jennifer Quinney: I want to recognize Jennifer Quinney. She has been wonderful and made what was a miserable experience better. She realized there was a problem with my first visit to the ACC and did everything within her power to rectify the situation and made arrangements for me to come back and get evaluated again. I can't thank her enough. She has really helped me and convinced me to come back down here for treatment. I feel credit needs to be given to those who have gone above and beyond to try to make things right. Posted 11/13/2014
Tanaysha Franklin: Received a compliment today from patient that the front desk staff as well as well as the nurse (Tanaysha) were "wonderful" and very friendly and happy. Just wanted to pass this on! She was very impressed by the staff. Posted 11/03/2014
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