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Our Caring Service Begins with Me.

STAR Service isn’t a program – it’s a culture supported by our commitment to provide patients, visitors, and fellow team members with superior service. The STAR Service Common Purpose of “Our Caring Service Begins with Me” reminds us that this is both a team and an individual commitment. STAR Service’s foundation is based on our existing culture of Safety First and is the next important step on our journey to become the nation’s safest health system and the preeminent healthcare provider in the mid-Atlantic region.

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Star Bursts

Romekka Simmons: Romekka is the epitome of Star Service. She always has a smile for our patients, is empathetic to their individual situations and ensures they are taken care of properly. She immediately recognizes distress, and has assisted our clinical staff in 3 or 4 situations when patients presented at the registration desk who ultimately were either taken to the ED with a life threatening emergency or were admitted by their provider after their visit. She is atuned to our patients' needs, and for that she is definitely a VCU Health System STAR! Posted 07/16/2014
Shirley White and Mary Murdock: My daughter was seen in the Children's Pavilion clinic and was sent to have stat labwork drawn late on a Friday afternoon. Upon arrival to the lab, I noticed that my daughter's last name was spelled incorrectly on her medical record (and had been for several years). These two employees insisted they could not draw the labs until the name was corrected in the system. As a former employee, I knew this could be a lengthy process but understood it was their policy and had to be done. They were professional and worked diligently to make sure this was done as quickly as possible due to the nature of the labwork requested. They were efficient and had the name change completed within minutes and were able to draw the labwork in a timely fashion. I applaud their dedication to their work, the safety of their patients, and commitment to excellence and accuracy. They exemplify VCU-HS's dedication to customer service. Posted 05/31/2014
Frank Hundley: On Friday evening 5\16 Frank worked into the night to assist the lab with an issue that would have negatively impacted a transplant the following day. Frank stuck with the issue and even though parts of it were not network related he did not waiver in his commitment to make sure we were able to provide our patients the care they deserved. Posted 05/23/2014
Richard Woody: For supporting a patient while they underwent testing so that they were not alone and for embracing their interests to make the experience a more positive one and show he cares. Posted 05/22/2014
Ms Catherine Lee: I would like to recognize Ms Catherine Lee, Department of Cardiology, for her caring service to get a prescription renewed for my Dad. She listened to my concerns and followed-up with my request to have the prescription renewed. Thank you Ms. Lee for your help!! Posted 05/01/2014
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